Minimal Damage Recordings

label for adventurous music

Minimal Damage Recordings is an independent label for adventurous music that doesn’t fit regular categories. f you want to be/stay informed, or buy a CD, please contact me on  Minimal Damage Recordings is a member of Toondist. The Cd’s are also  available on Bandcamp (links on the album pages)

One of the goals for the label is releasing albums where established musicians work together with new talents. As a teacher at the Utrecht Conservatory I meet many creative, dedicated, authentic musicians, makers, improvisors who (can) add great value to the musical landscape. The label offers a platform for these new collaborations. An example of such a project is the release of MDR 2301, Het Oog in de Naald – The Eye in the Needle -, featuring the phenomenal Roosmarijn Tuenter, Rogier Hornman and Francisca Snip

Article in Jazz Nu (in Dutch) about the label, click HERE

Please consider this: the best way to support musicians is by going to concerts and buying their music (either CD’s, Vinyl or Digital releases). Use streaming platforms  to enjoy the abundance of creativity that is out there, to inform yourself, to be surprised, but realise that producing good music is dedicated, professional and expensive work. Artists will be deeply grateful for your support, even more so in these challenging times. Thank you!

Het Oog in de Naald – The Eye in the NeedleMDR2301
Released 20 April 2023. Click here for all texts and further information
CD € 10,00 + shipping: mail albert.v@xs4all

The Eye in the Needle explores what it means to be human in today’s challenging world. With songs, spoken word (in Dutch, German and English), poetry and improvisation we are telling stories that might even shed a new light on the challenges we are facing.

Roosmarijn Tuenter: viola, vocals, Francisca Snip: spoken word, vocals, Rogier Hornman: cello, Albert van Veenendaal: piano, compositions, Monique Besten: text Band photo: Roosmarijn Broersen



RARA AVIS – How Do I Listen – MDR2302
Released 20 april 2023. Click here for further information
CD € 10,00 + shipping: mail albert.v@xs4all

The highly imaginative and acrobatic singing style of Jodi, the classical background and curiosity of Tineke, and Albert’s pictorial musicality all contribute to the miraculous sound of this trio. They find inspiration in a wide variety of texts including the eternal wisdom of the 14th-century Sufi poet Hafez, the poems of the Japanese poet Yosa Buson, a novel from F. Scott Fitzgerald, humorous modern newspaper headlines, a Handbook of Roses and Jodi’s writings. The album is fully improvised.

Jodi Gilbert – voice, spoken word, small instruments, Tineke de Jong – violin, Albert van Veenendaal – piano, prepared piano




Songs from the secret house – MDR 2401
To be released: February 2024. Click here for further information

Albert van Veenendaal: prepared piano & compositions; Mees Siderius: drums, vibraphone & percussion; Mieke van Dam: Theremin; Steven Kamperman: es & bass- clarinet; Koen Boeiijnga: whistles, sounds, percussion, little instruments; Rogier Hornman: cello




Tale Tellers from a Timeless Tribe – Talk of the Town – MDR 2300
Click HERE for further information
CD € 7,50 + shipping: mail albert.v@xs4all

When Makki van Engelen and Albert van Veenendaal met, there was an immediate match and recognition. Story tellers, speaking the same language, experienced musicians getting down to the heart of the matter instantly. Pulsating landscapes, knife sharp grooves, magic minimal, deep statements and tribal trance, it’s all interwoven in their musical universe where drums and piano speak with equal voice.

Albert van Veenendaal: piano, prepared piano,  Makki van Engelen: drums


Money For Your Whale – Twelve – Twelve – Twelve – MDR2200

This album was conceived and recorded in 2012 and never ‘officially’ released. Listening back to the music convinced me that it deserved a second life on this newly founded label. Therefor, the album is re-released on Minimal Damage Recordings, available at Bandcamp only.

Click here for further information

Robert van Heumen: laptop instrument, Albert van Veenendaal: prepared piano

12 tracks recorded on December 12, 2012 by Robert van Heumen
mixed and mastered by Robert van Heumen
produced by Albert van Veenendaal and Robert van Heumen
polaroids: Monique Besten

special thanks to Heather Segger and Monique Besten